Thursday, March 21, 2013

Compost Collage

Inspired by my friends Ines & Metta, I started to make something called Compost Collage. We mean before the trash goes to the composter, we can create something from it.

This one is made out of shallot peel, onion peel, garlic peel and garlic stem. These peels supposed to be cooked with eggs, to make an Indonesian traditional cuisine called "Telor Pindang".
I made this collage on my kitchen floor, you can even see my floor tile grout  ^_^

The second one is made out of banana peel, beet root peel, beet root stem, strawberries leaves and vegetable leaf called "caisim". Those are the trash of my raw juice.

These two pictures are made out of shallot peels and dry lemon grass leaves.

This picture consists of : dry lemon grass leaves, onion peel and ginger peel.

The Flamenco Dancer is made out of Onion peel, shallot peel (shoes and fan) and garlic peel (for the face).

Here is my collection of onion peel, garlic peel and shallot peel. Before, I collect them only for one reason: making "Telor Pindang". Now I have another good reason: Free Art Material!

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