Friday, November 15, 2013

Princess and the Pea in the Stone Age Era

There once was a prince who lived in a castle far, far away. All his life he wished he could find a real princess of which he could marry. Then, one stormy night, a girl stumbled upon his castle, hoping that she might be able to stay for a night. Although she claimed to be a princess, she didn't look the part, with her tattered clothes and tangled hair. Nevertheless, she was welcomed in and given a room to stay in. The prince was intrigued by his new guest, but his mother, the queen, saw the girl as a fraud, and set out to prove herself. That night, she put 3 peas under the girl's mattress, knowing that only a true princess would be able to feel them. Will she be the prince's one true love?

Here is the link : Princess and the Pea.

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