Saturday, September 19, 2015


These were new design for my story stones (and would be the last):

Though it's not easy, I have to make this decision: stopping story stones production during my limited time as a homemaker, a Homeschooler Mum and author & illustrator for children's book. I have to choose. And sadly it's the story stones. It's the most time consuming compare to others. For each small pebbles (about 1 cm in diameter) I have to wash it, dry it up, draw the pencil sketch, paint it with acrylic paints, ink the lines, and varnish it. And it takes 2-3 more days to completely dry (except on rainy days, it will take longer time). Drawing, painting and inking small pebbles that has irregular shape and porous surface is not easy because of the very small free area to grab during the process.
Hopefully, after this I have a more manageable timetable.