Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Festival Dongeng Internasional Indonesia 5-6 Nov 2016

Me, wearing "Folktale on Scarf" titled "Batara Kala"
The event means Indonesian Folktale International Festival, held in Museum Nasional, Jakarta, on November 5-6, 2016. This time Kelir participated in the Children Illustration Exhibition and a workshop for children (writing and illustrating a story book).
And this time I introduced my newest creation, collaboration with Museum Batik Yogyakarta, "Folktale on Scarf". It's a folktale that printed on a scarf. We can use it either as scarf or a tool for telling a story. For the first series we have two Javanese folktales design: "Batara Kala" and "Timun Mas". Here are some photos from the event:

My illustration for "The Smelly Little Orangutan"

With my dear illustrator friends from Kelir

"Folktale on Scarf" titled "Batara Kala"

"Folktale in Scarf" titled "Timun Mas"

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