Monday, June 02, 2014

A Little Story from "Three Little Gnomes" Book Cover

I've imagined this picture for the book cover for several times. I've even dreamed about it one night, that I and Rhonda the author, had a meeting for this book cover and she agreed for this picture.
So, I grabbed my pencil and made this sketch.
As you see on the left, this is my pencil sketch on paper, some parts were coloured by water colour. Picture taken and sent it to Rhonda by email.
I was so happy when she said she loved it! It seemed like we really did the meeting for the book cover!! For we live half way around the world (she lives in US and I live in Indonesia).

And here is the final result of the cover:
We both satisfied with the result! Click here for the sneak peek from Amazon.


  1. Ratna, I do feel like we met up in our dream time! This was the perfect cover for our little story, "Three Little Gnomes and a Boy Named Orion." Just darling!! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!! <3 Rhonda "Grammy Pags Stories"

    1. It was really fun to illustrate the story, Rhonda ^^