Monday, January 19, 2015

My Story Stones

Here I make an example of a story using my story stones:

The Lonely Giraffe

Once, there was a Giraffe
who felt so lonely

and wanted to move to the Moon.

She brought an Apple for her meal

Her friend Rabbit joined the journey.

They blew a Pink Balloon
to fly them to the Moon.

But the Balloon flew them to a Boat

They met a friendly Whale, who told
them that

their friend Bear was celebrating
his birthday. And they all were

So they all went to Bear's house.

The House was beautifully decorated
with flowers.

There were presents too.

The Bear served them with Ice Cream

and Watermelon.

The Giraffe was so happy surrounded by her friends and she didn't feel lonely anymore.
The End

You can make an interactive story too with your little ones using painted stones like these. Here what I did with my youngest:
Keep the story stones in a bag, each one of you take a stone and continue the story one after another. 
For an example you got a Bear. "Once there was a Bear who was so hungry, so he bought a ..."
Your kid's turn to take the next stone, and she/he gets a Balloon! She/he must continue the story. "... a Balloon! But he can't eat the Ballon so he hold the Balloon tight and fly to the ..."
And so on :D
You'll have great fun time!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Painted Stones

I found some nice stones from the stones that I spread on my tiny garden. So I decided to paint them for my daughters and maybe I'll make some for my niece and nephew. I use acrylic paint for it. Here they are:

We can use them to tell our own stories, or make an interactive ones, by putting them in a bag and he/she could pick one stone without peeping and then he/she should continue the story one after another. My youngest daughter and I made several interactive funny stories, and she kept on laughing till the end of the game :D

And of course a Tic Tac Toe :)