Friday, March 27, 2015

Story Stones : The Fossil

Tony wanted to be an archaeologist. So he decided to go and find some fossils. He brought his bag and put an apple for his lunch in it. He asked his friend Giraffe, where to find fossils. The Giraffe lent him a bike, and told him to find a big tree in the east.
So, off he went to the east. After tired of pedalling the bike, Tony found the big tree, with an owl slept on its branch. Carefully he woke the owl up and asked him where to find fossils. The owl answered sleepily, "Dig. Just dig...zzzzzz." And he fell asleep again.
Tony started to dig the ground. Yaay ... finally Tony found a fossil, it's a fish fossil! Tony wrap the fossil and put it in his bag. After eating his apple, Tony went home. He gave back the bike to his friend Giraffe and said thank you. Tony was so tired after the journey and fell asleep.
When he woke up he saw his bag was opened, and his cat was licking its paws. The cat said, "Thank you for the bone. It's delicious."
"What bone?"
"I found it in your bag."

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