Monday, November 23, 2015

Fundamentals of Graphic Design from Coursera

Graphic Design is something that I really want to know about. As a children's book illustrator, surely this subject will enrich me in such a way. Thankfully Coursera offers this free online course this month and I join it undoubtedly.

And this is one of my assignment for week 3, about "Repeating Pattern":

It tells about a harvest time in Southeast Asian countries, where the farmers are busy processing the rice and their chicken get scattered rice abundantly on the ground.

Below were my design for week 1 about "Making Images, Making Meaning".
Here I choose bottle as my daily household object, and I gave them connotative meaning. 
If I put a tag "Drink Me" on the bottle  and the blue gown with white apron on it  was there, you'll get the message that it was Alice's bottle from Alice in Wonderland.
If I put a wine glass under a pouring bottle with something red flowing down, you'll see that it was a celebration.
And when you saw a paper inside a bottle floating on the sea, you will see that it was a drifted message from faraway place.

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