Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Dragonfly and Damselfly

It was two years ago when I wrote this story in Bahasa Indonesia and in an e-book format (Kisah Si Capung dan Si Capung Jarum). And finally it comes in prints and English version with illustrations in water colours. Check it out here.
The story itself was inspired by those two insects around my house.
And the facts that Dragonflies have a more powerful build and are generally much stronger fliers than Damselflies (Encyclopaedia Britannica), made me imagine that the Dragonfly was an arrogant creature. 

And here is the synopsis:

Dragonfly was a strong and fast flyer. With that special skill of his, he was sure no predators could ever be a threat for him. He wouldn’t even listen to his best friend, who had tried to warn him. Until a shocking moment in a waterlily pond happened to him and changed his life.
Would Damselfly, his best friend that he once underestimated, forgive him?

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